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Farm Insurance

We have been insuring farms since our doors opened in 1979.  We know that farming is not a 9-5 job and “farming” means many different things these days. From the Cash Crop farmer who runs thousands of acres to the small hobby farmer, farms come in many different shapes and sizes.  At Uniac Insurance Broker we can put together the best insurance solution for you based on your needs. We work with a variety of companies that specialize in all kids of farm operations from poultry, dairy and hobby farms, to hog and cash crop operations or specialized niche operations.

Types of Farm Insurance Coverages and Packages 

Dwellings: Your Home is a place to hang your hat at the end of the day and needs to be insured along with all your personal property and outbuildings.  We have the solution for you from tenant packages and rental properties to seasonal residences and cottages.

Outbuildings: At Uniac Insurance we can arrange coverage for all your various farm buildings such as barns, machine sheds and workshops, granaries etc.

Livestock: Whatever type of farm you run coverage can be added for poultry, beef, dairy, sheep, goats, equine or other specialty livestock.

Produce: Coverage can be set up to insure your feed, grain, hay crops and chemicals that you use and seed.

Machinery & Equipment: Coverage can be set up for all your farm business operating equipment.  This can include, tractors, combines, skid steers, sprayers, vehicles of husbandry, damage to non-owned machinery too.

Loss of Farm Income: Should an Insured peril destroy your barn, for example, the livestock you were planning on selling are gone and you will suffer a loss of income as a result.  All your regular bills will continue to come in but your farm operation has come to a stop.  This is where loss of Farm Income coverage comes in to play. One of our experienced Farm Brokers will guide you to obtain the correct amount of coverage needed. 

 Farmers Accident Insurance: This coverage is intended to provide coverage for farmers so that an injury will not prevent important farm activities from getting done. Payments up to the policy limits cover the expense to hire replacement labour.  Severe Injuries suffered are paid out according to a list on severity and amount.

Farm Liability:  Farm Liability is built into your policy to protect you from lawsuits rising against you from bodily Injury or property damage claims arising from your property, operations or products.   We can add Liability extensions to include  additional locations (rented or owned). Custom work, manure applications, non-owned livestock, or any other commercial operations that may not be part of the Farm Operation but are incidental to your farming activity.

Pollution Liability: This coverage provides help to clean up damage caused by pollution. Possible pollutants include pollutants from fuel tanks, sprays and manure spills that contaminate non owned property.

Farm Packages

Optimum Poultry Program: This elite program offers coverage to broilers, layers, Broiler Breeders or Turkeys.  Coverage includes Prostration Coverage and Power Interruption Coverage.

Prestige Dairy Program: This elite program includes coverage for Milk Contamination, Loss of Refrigerated Produce, Equipment Breakdown, Emergency Veterinary Services.

Master Custom Farming Program: These packages can provide blanket coverage for Equipment and Produce. They also can include coverage for Pollution Liability.

Dairy Goat Program: This program includes coverage for Milk Contamination, Loss of Refrigerated Produce, Equipment Breakdown.

Equine Program: This program includes Emergency Vet Services, Colic (no pre-existing conditions) Loss of Refrigerated Produce, Equipment Breakdown, Emergency Veterinary Services.

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